Heat Pump Stands


Mini Split Heat Pump Stands

Our adjustable design delivers the ultimate combination of versatility and ease of installation and can be stacked for compact storage. We manufacture universally fitting stands for all makes and models of mini split condenser units.


Unitary System Stands

Built with our patented reversibility, these stands fit to chassis sizes and offer the same simplicity and strength. They can also be installed under air conditioners for protection from debris, mice, dog urination, and grass clippings. We manufacture universal and custom-fitting options to match virtually any make and model.



This sturdy, reliable wall bracket safely mounts mini split condensers and whole-house dehumidifiers to the wall and off the ground. The easily adjustable hook-and-slide design is compatible with units up to 30 inches wide.


What is a Supreme Stand?

Our HVAC mounting solutions rise above the standard, with designs based on decades of industry experience. We build products that offer the sleek look and reliability your customers need, engineered for versatility and quick, easy installation. Supreme Stands ensure satisfaction and long-lasting protection.

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The Benefits:

  • Patented reversibility for heat pump stands
  • Sleek, simple designs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Powder-coated protection
  • Universal and custom-fit-options

Compatible Brands

The diverse Supreme Stands lineup supports almost any unit from the biggest names in heating and cooling.